Customers Access

acceso de clientes software servicio tecnico

A parallel system has been developed, accessing the same database, so customers that you authorize, will be able to access to their information from any computer connected to the Internet.

In addition to achieving better efficiency in the use of time by your company's staff, you will get higher profits and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Information Always Updated

Customers can keep their personal data updated, without intervention of your staff, allocating the time spent by your employees to perform other tasks.

Add Work Orders

Customers enters service requests without contact to your company, at all times, without the need to interact with an operator.

With this feature, your profit will be increased and the time spent by your employees in taking orders will be reduced significantly.

Estimates Analysis and Charges

Customers can consult their estimates or quotations, created for each order, analyze them and authorize its approval.

The same happens with the charges generated by the invoices, that are what the customer pays.

Instant access with QR Codes

Through their smart phone, customers captures the QR code that you will print, and they will access instantly to the corresponding work order, without entering a password.

Reduction of Customers Calls

At all times customers can consult in real time the status of their work orders, since each comment added by the staff of your company may be authorized to be seen by the customer.

You no longer need to waste valuable staff time to inform the customers by telephone what happens to their work orders.

Also, since the clients may receive an email every time their order is updated, they you can log into the system when there is an update.

Statement Always Available

Customers can see their account status, in the same way as a bank statement, detailing the charges and payments made, displaying the balance at all times.

The client always knows the money owed in detail.

Reports and Listings

Customers can view their job and order history, their previous estimates, invoices and payments.