RSS is a management software or application for companies that offers any type of services. While the first idea was to apply it to an equipment repair company, it has been designed to be configured for virtually any activity.
The main difference and advantage is that it is a web-based or "cloud" software, which means that it runs and stores data on our web server, and can be accessed from any internet connected device (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.).
RSS was designed and developed by IT professionals with over 30 years of experience in software development and over 19 years of experience in internet development, ensuring that your business will be managed by a highly efficient, robust and reliable tool.
RSS will simplify your business, granting you the access from any computer connected to the Internet.
RSS will increase your profits, because you will be able to optimize your employees time, they will have the information about the works to do always updated, their tasks will be better planned, eliminating virtually the time spent in entering data into the system.
Your earnings also will be improved because your customers will be able to enter work orders themselves, avoiding oversights or waiting hours for personalized attention, which sometimes may cause you to lose orders.
Your customers will be more satisfied because they won't have to call your company to ask about the status of their jobs. They will be able to enter into the system with their password (if you authorize them), you can send them an email or SMS automatically at any change or when comments are added in their orders.
Your company will receive fewer unproductive phone calls, optimizing the time of your employees.
You will be able to manage your business from any Internet-connected device, at any time.
The cost of using this tool is very low, considering the responsability involved.
RSS has been designed and developed to manage virtually companies of any size, with a wide variety of activities. From companies that provide service for appliances, computer, etc. to all kinds of equipment that require some type of service.
It is perfectly suitable for car repair or after sales services. Any business that handle orders (whether involving material provided by the customer or not) or that provides any service, RSS can be configured to suit your needs.
Anyway, we suggest you to try our system completely free of charge and without obligation of purchase for a period of time. When requesting the demo, please describe your business as detailed as possible, so we will use that information to pre-configure the system, even when you may change these options at any time.
We have tried to design RSS suitable for almost any company, configuring certain terms or words, or the definition of the type of products, material, equipment, etc. to work with.
For example, a company that repairs electronics, can define several types of equipment: TV, computers and audio, and what information includes each one, so that when receiving a TV for repair only will be requested the specific data for a TV.
All kinds of settings are also included, such as currency, taxes, etc.
Within 24 hours after you apply for the demo, we will configure your system and we'll send an email with the instructions to log in and start using it. After the trial period, if you choose to contract our services, you will be able to continue using it without interruption or we can create a new account with an empty database.
It is very likely that your activity is not listed in the industries that RSS can help, because there are so many possible applications that would be impossible to list them all.
Tell us in detail what is your company's activity or industry and we'll recommend you how to configure RSS.
If for some reason RSS were not adaptable to your needs, we will inform you if we are able to make the necessary modifications so you can use the program.
The scope, the possibilities and benefits that can provide a software like GST are virtually limitless, and it's a program constantly growing. Its growth is marked by the real needs of our customers.
Any suggestion or need, will be analyzed carefully to be included in the application.
RSS is constantly growing and almost every week new features are added or the existing ones are improved.
Another advantage of web-based working is that you should not wait for the next version of the program, but simply enter into the software and you will enjoy the new features as soon as they are finished and tested.
RSS has 2 working modes: work orders that include materials provided by customers, such as audio equipment or orders that do not include a customer equipment, such as a dental lab (where orders are received and a finished product is delivered), plumbering (where work orders are received and a service is provided), etc.
With this scheme, virtually any activity can be managed by RSS.
From both places.
We'll provide you the necessary integration tools between this website and your website in order to your customers to log in right from your website.
In addition, we'll give them the ability to log in from this site for both clients and staff of your company.
All information is stored on our server in a secure manner. We use the most powerful and reliable database engines available today for this type of applications.
As an extra safety and efficiency measure, the database of each company is stored independently on our server. Your company will not share files with any of our other customers.
RSS has a monthly fee for use it that will depend on the number of users who can access (how many people in your company) and the amount of your company's branches.
There is NO setup charges, there are no annual contracts, there is NO support costs. No surprises or hidden fees.
There is NO extra charges to configure your system, you only pays for the service used each month.
NO, technical support is included at no extra cost in the cost of your monthly subscription.
Because our fees are very low and for your convenience, monthly payments are made by credit card or Paypal. Your credit card or Paypal account will be automatically charged.
Smart phones, tablets, etc. There is NO application required to download in mobile devices.
The system detects the type of device and adapt the way that the information is displayed.
In short, any device that can navigate the Internet can use RSS.
RSS has been developed to be used in most of the commonly used browsers (Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc). While some ways of display the information may vary from one browser to another, the performance of the software will work properly on all of them.
Google Chrome is the one that more closely reflects the aesthetic way that it was used to be developed.
There is no contract, you can cancel our service at any time
We'll tell you how to place your order to contract the RSS service very easily and 100% safe, depending basically on the amount of people who use the program and the amount of branches of your company.
We make daily backups.
YES. We have very convenient plans for distributors including profit during the period which the customer keeps the subscription of RSS, ie as a distributor, you contact the customers and when they contract our services your task is over, but you will still earning your commision doing absolutely nothing else.
Contact us indicating all your information or resume, how you plan to contact new customers and we will send you our plans for distributors.