Appliance Repair Software

appliance services software

Technical Support for any type of home appliance, either for home repairs or for repairs inside your company.

When a technician decides to take an equipment in a home visit to be repaired, all the steps will be indicated in the work order, and the customer will be able to follow it in real time.

When customers are already registered in the system, they can request new services by loging into the system, minimizing the intervention of your company's staff.

You can define the different types of equipment, Audio System, Washing Machine, TV, Computer, etc. When you need to define some customer's equipment, you just have to indicate the equipment type and just to fill in the data defined for such equipment.

For example for a TV, you can define the following: Brand, Remote Control, Screen type, screen size, voltage, etc. For a Washer, the data could be, Load Capacity, Model, Number of programs, etc.