Customers Information

Information Always Updated

Access to customers information, always up to date because they themselves can access the system and change their personal information.

Invoices History

Define an invoice for each job, including the items necessary to do it.

Later, the invoice can be officially issued.

Invoices history each client indicating if they have already been issued or not.


For each job, enter full or partial payments from customers.

Payments history for each customer.

Job History

Add as many jobs or orders as you want for each customer.

You will be able to view the history of works performed to the customer, including comments entered in work orders.

Equipment and Material

Depending on the working area of the company, each customer can have different types of materials such home appliances, equipment, vehicles, materials, etc. Set the equipment of each client with the specific data to create work orders instantly.

Keep a record of the work done for each equipment and see which of them are under warranty.

Estimates History

You can have unlimited estimates for each job. Access to the history of estimates prepared for each customer, the amounts, if they are approved or not, etc.

Direct access to both, the work order and the estimate.


Get a chronological list of works and payments made by the customer, showing on each date the balance so far.

With this detailed report, avoid misunderstandings about how to get the balance of each client.