Fully Customizable

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In order for the system to be used according to the different ways of work of each company, it has been developed in a way that virtually all options are configurable.

Here only some of these options are disclosed, since all of them can be seen in the program running.

We suggest you that when applying for the demo, fill in the form with as much detail as possible about how your company works, in order to us to preconfigure your demo with the best options, that you will be able to modify later.

Reduction of Customers Calls

At all times customers can consult in real time the status of their work orders, since each comment added by the staff of your company may be authorized to be seen by the customer.

You no longer need to waste valuable staff time to inform the customers by telephone what happens to their work orders.

Also, since the clients may receive an email every time their order is updated, they you can log into the system when there is an update.