Work Orders

Jobs and Orders

Create work orders for equipment or material from customers, or simply register an Order that does not involve material to be delivered by the customer.

Status Changes and Comments

At any time, enter to a work order, add comments or eventually change it's status.

Re-assign it to another user if necessary.

If necessary, send an automatic email or SMS to the customer about this change.

Print Work Orders

Print the work orders, for both the client and for the company.

Print, a sheet with multiple bar codes or a QR Code about the order, allowing you to place them at different places related to that order.

Missing Components

Register components necessary to perform a job but they are missing.

Later, you will be able to see a list list of all work orders that include certain missing components. For example when you receive one of those missing components, you can instantly determine what jobs needs that component.

Access from Mobile Devices

From cell phones and tablets, technical staff can easily access their work orders, pending or not, add updates, comments, etc.

Earn valuable time updating orders in real time, possibly in the customer's home, avoiding outdated information.

Verify what is doing the technical staff, viewing the update time of each work order.

Digital Signature Capture

captura de firmas electronicamente

Both, from touch screen devices (cell phones, tablets, touch monitors, etc.) simply signing with a finger, as well as using the mouse, allows the customer to sign work orders and estimates.

Avoid paperwork, with unified and instant information.